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What is a S 172 statement?
The S 172 statement sets out how directors have had regard to the matters set out in section 172(1)(a) to (f) of the Companies Act 2006 ( as detailed below) when performing their duty under section 172 to promote the success of the company. The board is required to understand the views of the company’s key stakeholders and describe in the annual report how their interests and the matters set out in section 172 have been considered in board discussions and decision-making.

The section 172 statement disclosure is required by The Companies ( Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 (UK) and the following entities are required to make a “section 172 statement” in their strategic report contained in their annual financial statements and make this statement available online.

  • Brookson Group Limited
  • Brookson Limited
  • Brookson Solutions Limited

S172 Statement
The Board complies with general duty under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 to act in a way the directors consider, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its shareholders as a whole and having regard to:

  • The likely consequences of decisions in the long term;
  • The interests of employees;
  • The need to foster business relationships with suppliers, clients and others;
  • The impact of operations on the community and the environment;
  • The desirability of maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct; and
  • The need to act fairly as between members of the Company.

Culture and Company Values
The Board has defined a set of values and ensured that these are communicated regularly within the business, both to existing and new members of staff. Those values shape individual behaviours and, in turn, company behaviour in terms of dealings with colleagues, clients, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which the Company is active.
The values form a part of all staff annual appraisals and periodic review meetings and are reinforced by an annual training program which covers topics such as ethics, diversity and inclusion and conduct risk.
The values are set out below.

  • Here to help. We exist to help our customers succeed and aim to deliver an excellent experience. We act with empathy and understanding. We take ownership of our customers’ needs and demonstrate our commitment by acting quickly. We go above and beyond to provide the best support and advice to our customers and colleagues. We value people and we help them wherever we can. We care.
  • Dynamic. We are positive in our attitude and are passionate about making a difference. We embrace change, continuously seeking new and better ways to work, for each other and for customers. We think creatively and encourage innovation. We challenge convention and tackle new opportunities head on. We get things done quickly.
  • Intelligent. We make sure we understand our customers’ specific needs. We are knowledgeable and have good judgement and common sense. We are confident in our opinions, sharing them proactively. We use our capabilities to deliver great advice and service to our customers to enable them to make better financial decisions.
  • Straight Forward. We make things clear and simple for our customers and for each other. We are easy to reach and easy to deal with. We avoid complexity and love simplicity. We communicate in clear language, avoiding jargon and technical terms. We are totally transparent.
  • Connected. We keep our finger on the pulse, staying close to our customers and up to speed with what is happening in the changing world of work. We utilise our networks and connections to support our customers and each other. We work closely with each other across the business to ensure we deliver a joined-up customer experience.

Our key stakeholders
Our key stakeholders are clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders, regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority and the community.


Client satisfaction is the focus of the Company’s business. The Company builds the structure and manages it efficiently and independently.


Regular contact is maintained with service providers and a dedicated set of employees conducts ongoing monitoring and annual assessment of the performance of those delegates. The company is an accredited member using ISO270001. Using this framework, it maintains contact with suppliers


The success of the Company depends upon the skills, engagement and conduct of its workforce.

The Company offers a competitive remuneration package, including pension, medical insurance, life assurance and group income protection. These are available to all permanent members of staff. In addition, the company provides an annual training program and encourages individuals to undertake external study to achieve relevant recognised qualifications.

The Company also recognises its employees balance their career with caring responsibilities outside the workplace. Discussions are encouraged between employees and managers and individuals work part-time or on flexible working arrangements.

The Company is also committed to keeping employees informed of changes within the organisation on a wide range of topics, including strategy, financial performance and client matters.

The Company’s immediate parent company is Riverside LLP Limited. The ultimate beneficial owner is represented on the Board.

The Company recognises the key role performed by its regulators in maintaining an effective business environment and the trust of clients and the wider public.

The Company and its employees are active in the local community, supporting local organisations and charities.

The Company actively seeks ways to reduce its impact on the environment and to contribute to measures aimed at reducing the impact of climate change.

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